This page lists updates to the SDO-Toolbox. The name in brackets indicates the relevant crate.

Version 0.3.1


  • Minor improvements to the CLI experience
  • Converting (B)IMC files now requires a --format argument


  • Initial support for images in PDFs
  • Introduce log crate for output to the console
  • Move chunk tables to delayed console output, requires --format plain now


  • [sdo-pdf] Added a proper FontBBox to resolve issues with Acrobat Reader
  • [sdo-pdf] Added Adobe CMap generation
  • [mappings] Completed MATHEM mapping


  • [sdo-tool] Use mapping files in HTML export
  • [signum] Added Unicode mapping files (Table A) parsing


  • [signum] Added visible page number column to pbuf table
  • [signum] Initial HTML export (use --format html)


  • [sdo-pdf] Re-work PDF font generation and positioning


  • [texfonts] Add initial PK-Font decoder library

Version 0.2


  • Split out sub-commands into separate executables:
    • <file> keyboardchset-kb <file>
    • <file> runsdo-batch <file>
    • <file> infosignum-file <file>
    • <file> decodest-decode <file>
  • Improve --help descriptions


  • The output folder parameter on dump was changed from a long argument --out to a required positional one (<out>). If you want to print to the console anyways, use the string - for the path.
  • Removed the --plain parameter.
  • Added the --format parameter. Valid options include html, plain, ps, png and pdraw.
  • Added a PostScript output. Currently only working for L30 fonts, this output routine creates a PS file with embedded bitmap fonts (Adobe Type 3). You can use this to create a PDF using the ps2pdf program from ghostscript.

12.09.2020 (Preview v0.2)

  • Added --plain option to the dump command to skip printing tags that provide debugging information on lines and paragraphs.
  • Minor improvements in image positioning and scaling.


  • Added recursive font search in CHSETS folder. Signum! doesn’t do that, but it’s useful if you have a large collection of fonts and want to find out whether you have the needed ones somewhere.


  • Added --page/-p option to dump. Optional, can be used multiple times. Requires one logical page index as an argument. If used one or more times, only those pages are rendered to file.
  • Rendering a page to file (<FILE> dump --out <OUT_DIR>) now renders embedded images as well. This is WIP and positioning might not be perfect in all cases yet.